The CBIT-GSP offers targeted transparency support to countries to cover specific needs for transparency in all areas of the Enhanced Transparency Framework. The support is tailored to a country' needs and could include, among other, trainings on specific topics (e.g., IPCC software), quality reviews of transparency reports or any other hands-on support for transparency-related matters (e.g., filling of reporting tables). If your country requires targeted support for transparency, you can fill the "Request for Support Template" on this page and return it to us or to your dedicated Network Coordinator of the Regional Transparency Network, that your country is part of. You can also reach out to your Regional Transparency Network Coordinator directly to help you with filling the template and defining the specific support need.
Modalities of Support
Countries can request support for transparency for specific needs such as a training on the IPCC software, or the quality review of transparency reports. The support that can be requested through this form is not predefined but should comprise a targeted, time-bound activity. Your Network Coordinator can help you with clearly defining this support request. 
The CBIT-GSP project will try to match to your country's needs to the extent possible, either through internal project resources or through partnerships with other transparency support providers. All support requests received by countries will be answered.


Status of Support

Indonesia Capacity building workshop to prepare Indonesia’s first BTR UNEP-CCC, CBIT-GSP Request Assigned
Serbia Capacity building of for development of BTR1 in the context of the Enhanced Transparency Framework requirements CBIT-GSP Request Assigned
Djibouti Experience sharing on CBIT projects at the national level UNEP-CCC, CBIT-GSP Request Assigned
Fiji Training on Use of GHG Data Collection Template for Energy Sector, including relevant QA/QC Procedures for Data Collection CBIT-GSP Request Assigned
Viet Nam Enhancing National GHG Emissions Estimation UNEP-CCC, US EPA, CBIT-GSP Request Assigned
Palau Third National Communication Review CBIT-GSP Request Assigned
Yemen ETF implementation Support in Progress
Tunisia Training session on IPCC Software UNEP-CCC, CBIT-GSP Request Assigned
Tunisia Development of a roadmap for the preparation of the first BTR Request Submitted
Uzbekistan Support Uzbekistan in NDC tracking for Agriculture via MLP IGES, CBIT-GSP Request Assigned