Sharing Best Practices on Gender and Climate Reporting in Central Asia and the Caucasus
Sharing Best Practices on Gender and Climate Reporting in Central Asia and the Caucasus
to Asia/Tashkent
Location: Central Asia and the Caucasus


-- The recording of the webinar (in Russian) is available on our Youtube Channel here.--


The topic of gender mainstreaming into transparency and climate reporting is becoming very relevant and seriously attract attention of the experts and policy makers in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Having in mind that the countries of the region collected many good practices on mainstreaming gender in climate reporting, the CBIT-GSP project intends to organize a virtual webinar with the aim to share the national practices and experiences and discuss the best way of integrating or accounting gender in their national policies and reports.


The main objective of the virtual webinar is to further support knowledge sharing on the integration of gender into climate policy and reporting by introducing practical examples from the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus. The participants will have an opportunity to share their progress on gender and climate change status as well as to discuss the challenges and opportunities towards a more transparent and sustainable way of data collection and reporting on gender and climate change.

Target Audience and Language

The virtual webinar will gather Coordinators of National Communications and Biennial Update Reports, senior experts from the national agencies dealing with climate policy and MRV/ETF and experts dealing with gender, greenhouse gas inventory, adaptation and impacts, climate finance and NDC tracking. The webinar will be held in Russian.


Area: Climate transparency, Gender
Region: Asia
Language: Russian
Country: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Transparency Network: Central Asia and Caucasus