Introduction to the Climate Transparency Platform for the Anglophone Africa Transparency Network
Introduction to the Climate Transparency Platform for the Anglophone Africa Transparency Network
to Africa/Nairobi
Location: Online

Please find the recording of the webinar on our YouTube channel here


The Climate Transparency Platform, under the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency-Global Support Programme, is a one-stop for transparency, covering everything related to the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement and the continued reporting under the UNFCCC. The Platform is part of the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency -Global Support Programme.

Newly launched on 9 June 2023, the platform provides a global overview of transparency initiatives and developing countries transparency efforts, allowing users to stay up to date on the latest developments, events, and knowledge products, as well as get detailed information on any developing country, support provider and transparency projects. The platform also serves as space for coordination among transparency support providers and for countries to directly request support to cover specific needs for transparency in all areas of the Enhanced Transparency Framework.

Importantly, the Platform has dedicated spaces for the ten different Transparency Networks, including dedicated Network Forum spaces to allow for vivid exchange and build community of practices within the networks. 


The main objective of this webinar was to introduce the newly launched Climate Transparency Platform to the Anglophone Africa Transparency Network, introducing the different functions of the platform with a particular focus on the dedicated network space in an interactive manner. The webinar will also introduce the different user groups. 

Target Audience and Language

This webinar targeted all transparency practitioners in the countries of the Anglophone Africa Transparency Network, especially staff from the relevant ministries in countries coordinating national transparency efforts and the preparation of National Communications and Biennial Update/Transparency Reports. The webinar was conducted in English.

Area: Climate transparency, Cross-cutting, Data collection and management, Update of national documents
Sector: Cross-cutting
Region: Africa
Language: English
Transparency Network: Anglophone Africa