Enhancing National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management System for Nepal
Enhancing National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management System for Nepal
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A national greenhouse gas inventory management system is a critical tool for countries to prepare national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory which is a key element of the national inventory report (NIR), national communication (NC) and biennial transparency report (BTR). As required by decision 18/CMA.1, each Party shall report estimates of emissions and removals for all categories, gases and carbon pools considered in the GHG inventory throughout the reported period on a gas-by-gas basis in units of mass at the most disaggregated level, in accordance with the 2006 IPCC guidelines using the common reporting tables.

A robust national inventory management system provides a centralized platform for data collection, processing, and analysis, which can improve data quality, save time and costs, increase transparency, ensure compliance with international standards and guidelines, and inform policy development. It can help countries monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their climate policies and identify areas where further action is needed. Furthermore, a transparent inventory management system can help to attract international and private sector investment in climate solutions by providing clear and reliable data on emissions reductions and demonstrating a country's commitment to sustainable development. This concept note outlines the steps and details for enhancing and developing a robust national greenhouse gas inventory management system for Nepal.

The comprehensive national inventory management system will enable accurate measurement, reporting, and verification of GHG emissions and removals. This system will lay the foundation for preparing Nepal's first biennial transparency report, enhancing transparency, and supporting effective climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.


The goal is to enhance technical understanding of country experts responsible for preparing GHG inventory and national reporting under the ETF of Paris Agreement. Discussion on experiences, lessons learned and common challenges in different sectors.

Target Audience and Language

The virtual exchange will bring together relevant national transparency stakeholders, such as coordinators of NC, BUR and BTR, senior experts from the national institutions, organisations and agencies dealing with climate change reporting who supervise the establishment of MRV and coordination of GHG inventory preparation for various sectors, including sector-specific experts. The meeting will be held in English.

Area: Climate transparency, Data collection and management, GHG inventory, Institutional arrangements, Update of national documents
Sector: AFOLU, Energy, Industry, Livestock, Transport, Waste
Region: Asia
Language: English
Country: Nepal
Transparency Network: Asia