Climate Finance Tracking: Reporting, Methodologies and Best Practices
Climate Finance Tracking: Reporting, Methodologies and Best Practices
to Asia/Almaty
Location: Central Asia and the Caucasus


The link to the recording of the workshop is here: link 


The main objective of the virtual workshop is to support knowledge sharing on existing climate finance tracking tools and to showcase best practices from the countries, which are using these tools for reporting under the Convention and the Paris Agreement.

All participants will have the opportunity to ask questions or share their experience in using the related methodologies and collecting the climate finance information in the context of their NDC, National Communications, Biennial Update Reports (BURs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAP). 

Target Audience and Language

The virtual workshop is organized jointly by the CBIT-GSP project, implemented by UNEP-CCC, and CAREC. The event will bring together Coordinators of National Communications and Biennial Update Reports, senior experts from the national agencies dealing with climate policy and MRV/ETF and experts dealing with greenhouse gas inventory, adaptation and impacts, climate finance and NDC tracking. On the other hand, lead transparency partners in the face of UNFCCC, ICAT, UNEP and UNEP-CCC, UNDP, CPI, CCAP and FAO will also participate and contribute to the agenda.

The workshop will be held in Russian and English with simultaneous translation provided in English/Russian.

Duration and Registration

It is expected that the meeting will last up to 3 hours with sufficient timing dedicated to discussion and Q&A sessions. The agenda of the virtual workshop is structured in a way to capture the basic principles of the reporting on the support needed and support received, introduce available methodologies, tools and instruments on climate finance tracking and share the best practices of the countries, which are applying these tools in their activities on climate finance reporting. 

Area: Climate support, Climate transparency
Sector: Cross-cutting
Region: Asia, Europe
Language: English
Transparency Network: Central Asia and Caucasus, Eurasia