Challenges and Solutions for Preparing NDCs – Lessons Learned by Kiribati, Samoa & Fiji
Challenges and Solutions for Preparing NDCs – Lessons Learned by Kiribati, Samoa & Fiji
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Nationally determined contributions (NDCs) are at the heart of the Paris Agreement and the achievement of its long-term goals. NDCs embody efforts by each country to reduce national emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The Paris Agreement (Article 4, paragraph 2) requires each Party to prepare, communicate and maintain successive nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that it intends to achieve. Parties shall pursue domestic mitigation measures, with the aim of achieving the objectives of such contributions. 

Together, these climate actions determine whether the world achieves the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement and to reach global peaking of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as soon as possible and to undertake rapid reductions thereafter in accordance with best available science, so as to achieve a balance between anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of GHGs in the second half of this century. 

NDCs are submitted every five years to the UNFCCC secretariat. In order to enhance the ambition over time the Paris Agreement provides that successive NDCs will represent a progression compared to the previous NDC and reflect its highest possible ambition.


The main objective of the virtual exchange will inform participants on the lessons learnt for the next round of NDCs from the challenges and solutions encountered by Kiribati, Samoa and Vanuatu when preparing their NDCs with other members of the Regional Transparency Network of the Pacific Region. 
Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange with each other. 


Area: Climate adaptation, Climate mitigation, Climate support, Cross-cutting, NDC tracking
Sector: Cross-cutting
Region: Pacific
Language: English
Agency: CBIT-GSP
Country: Fiji
Transparency Network: Pacific