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As a party to the Paris Agreement, BiH has an obligation to report on its progress towards the NDC (nationally determined contribution) and on other aspects of climate change action based on improved transparency frameworks in accordance with Article 13 of the Agreement. Article 13 provides a framework for improved transparency with an aim to build mutual trust and reliability and promoting the effective implementation of the activities identified by the NDC. Currently, Bosnia and Herzegovina has to meet its growing reporting obligations with limited resources. The country needs to move from an ad hoc climate change monitoring, reporting and verification system to a continuous data collection system with an emphasis on collecting high quality data.

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Location: BiH
Location: BiH

Project Indicators

Indicator Target Baseline Value Source of verification
Legislation prescribes formalized, mandated transparency-related data collection and exchange 7 2 0 updated legislation
Receipt of information; scale of improvement in knowledge, # of CSOs trained in transparency issues 7 2 0 stakeheolders interview
Functionality of MRV system 7 2 0 updated analyses, legislations and roles and responsibilites
Capacity of data providers and processors to use the MRV system 7 1 0 Updated strategy
Number of data providers and analysts trained in 2006 guidelines 7 2 0 Updated strategy
Presence of QA/QC plan and program for GHG inventories 7 1 0 Updated analyses and methods suggested
Strengthened NDC baseline projections and progress against NDC tracked 7 2 0 updated analyses
Formal system for the collection of gender-disaggregated data 7 1 0 ProDoc
Availability of peer exchanges 7 2 0 updated communication and partnership
Dissemination of knowledge through peer exchanges and other peer learning 7 2 0 updated analyses and stakeholders interviews

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