GHG Inventory Tools Questionnaire for Transparency Practitioners is out now!
GHG Inventory Tools Questionnaire for Transparency Practitioners is out now!

Are you a user or developer of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory tools? We're gathering insights to centralize information on these tools, crucial for national GHG inventory planning under the Paris Agreement's Enhanced Transparency Framework. Share your experience in our quick, 5-minute questionnaire. Discuss tool functionalities, ease of use, strengths, and preferences. Help us build a knowledge hub for tool users and developers worldwide, enhancing tool effectiveness for decision-makers. Deadline: End of January. Your input is invaluable – join us in shaping the future of GHG inventories! ?✨

We are excited to announce the launch of a crucial questionnaire that will significantly contribute to our upcoming publication on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories.

In the wake of the Paris Agreement and the establishment of the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF), it has become increasingly vital for countries to navigate the complexities of GHG inventory reporting.

This questionnaire is a pivotal step in gathering insights and experiences from diverse stakeholders involved in GHG inventory compilation and reporting. Your valuable input will help us understand the challenges faced in using new reporting tables and software, as well as the effectiveness of various tools ranging from IPCC software to bespoke applications and advanced IT solutions. By participating, you will be contributing to the creation of a comprehensive guide and a community of practice, aimed at assisting countries in selecting appropriate tools and strategies for GHG inventory management. This guide will not only provide an overview of existing tools and services but will also link to case studies and expert service providers, fostering a knowledge-sharing platform for best practices in GHG inventory management. Your responses will play a crucial role in shaping resources that empower countries to meet their reporting requirements under the Paris Agreement effectively and efficiently. To participate in this important initiative, please access and complete the questionnaire through the following link: GHG Inventory Tool Questionnaire ( Your insights are invaluable in our journey towards a more transparent and efficient future in GHG inventory management.

Area: Climate mitigation, Climate transparency
Sector: Cross-cutting
Region: Global
Language: English
Transparency Network: Anglophone Africa, Anglophone Caribbean, Asia, Central Asia and Caucasus, Eurasia, Francophone, Lusophone Cluster, Middle East and North Africa, Pacific, Spanish speaking Latin America and the Caribbean