Strengthening transparency of non-state actors
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Reports and briefs
Strengthening transparency of non-state actors
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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) , with support from the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre (UNEP-CCC) and Danish think tank Concito, has prepared a new report entitled “Strengthening Transparency Of Non-State Actors: How national experiences and new digital technologies can strengthen the Transparency efforts of non-state actors”, which uses the experiences from the national transparency efforts to suggest better connection between actions by Non-State Actors (NSAs) and national process with the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) under the Paris Agreement.  

The Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) underpins climate action by holding nations accountable and fostering trust. Yet, one crucial aspect remains underexplored - the potential of Non-State Actors (NSAs) in climate efforts.

These actors, including businesses, organizations, and subnational entities, have the potential to significantly impact climate action. Yet, their link to the ETF remains largely unexplored.

This report is aiming to contribute to the discussions of how best to strengthen such links and how this may help generate more credibility of NSA pledges. The report also offers concrete recommendations on how to achieve this.

Author: United Nations Environment Programme
Publisher: United Nations Environment Programme
Area: Climate transparency
Sector: Cross-cutting
Region: Global
Language: English
Transparency Network: Anglophone Africa, Anglophone Caribbean, Asia, Central Asia and Caucasus, Eurasia, Francophone, Lusophone Cluster, Middle East and North Africa, Pacific, Spanish speaking Latin America and the Caribbean