Welcome to the Interactive Discussion on the Climate Transparency Platform
Jaypalsinh Chauhan
24 Aug 2023

We gladly invite you to the Climate Transparency Platform for the Asia Transparency Network. 

The Climate Transparency Platform, under the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency-Global Support Programme, is a one-stop for transparency, covering everything related to the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement and the continued reporting under the UNFCCC. The Platform is part of the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency - Global Support Programme. 

Newly launched on 9 June 2023, the Platform has dedicated spaces for the ten different Transparency Networks, including dedicated Network Forum spaces to allow for vivid exchange and build community of practices within the networks.  

Our objective is to introduce the newly launched Climate Transparency Platform to the Asian Transparency Network, introducing the different functions of the platform with a particular focus on the dedicated network space in an interactive manner. The webinar will also introduce the different user groups.

You are either a country focal point, a gender focal point, a CBIT project manager, or a thematic focal point (GHG Inventory, NDC tracking, Adaptation and Support), and each of these roles gives you different access and rights to edit the platform's content.  

Through this esteemed platform, We cordially extend an invitation for you to introduce yourself and graciously share your intellectual comments or questions pertaining to the Climate Transparency Network and its activities.

Kind regards,