Welcome to the Climate Transparency Platform -Regional Network for Eurasia
Sladjana Bundalo

Dear CBIT-GSP focal points and thematic experts from Eurasia Region,


Welcome to the Climate Transparency Platform of the CBIT-GSP Programme! 

The CBIT-GSP aims to provide streamlined support and capacity-building at the national, regional, and global level to assist developing countries in responding to the reporting provisions under the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement’s Enhanced Transparency Framework

The CBIT-GSP provides multiple support modalities, especially within Regional Transparency Networks across the globe as a crucial key element of the project to foster south-south collaboration, knowledge-sharing and learning among countries and provide support closer to the needs.

Your country is a part of the Regional Network for Eurasia which is coordinated by a Regional Network Coordinator with the task to engage countries, cultivate the networks and drive the work forward with the emphasis on south-south learning.  

The main approaches to the implementation of measures are virtual webinars, online and on-site training sessions, regional and national trainings and joint events to share experiences and best practices.

Also, the Transparency Network for Eurasia serves as a meeting point for the coordination and synergy of transparency activities in the region, sharing experiences and good practices avoiding duplication and overload for the participating countries. 

I am pleased to invite all members of the network to this forum to introduce yourself and briefly write what about their role and activities related to climate transparency issues. I will also be glad to hear your recommendations and feedback on improving the work of the regional network.


Yours sincerely, 

Sladjana Bundalo

Regional Network Coordinator for Eurasia

The Capacity-Building Initiative for Transparency -Global Support Programme (CBIT-GSP)