Welcome to the Climate Transparency Network for Anglophone Africa
Sheila Kiconco

Dear CBIT-GSP focal points and thematic experts.


I hereby welcome to you to the forum of the Climate Transparency Network for Anglophone Africa. 


The Anglophone Africa Climate Transparency Network is a regional network of CBIT-GSP that aims to improve the institutional and technical capacities of countries to timely comply with the requirements of the transparency framework of Article 13 of the Paris Agreement through capacity building, promoting South-South cooperation and serving as a one-stop shop for regional transparency activities.


For capacity building, the Transparency Network provides tools, training, and direct assistance to improve the quality of reporting and transparency over time, as well as strengthen national institutions for transparency-related activities. 


For south-south cooperation, the Transparency Network strengthens and promotes the establishment of communities of practice for the exchange of experiences, good practices, and lessons learned among regional experts in each area of ​​reporting modalities, procedures, and guidelines (inventories of GHG, monitoring of the NDC, adaptation and its effects, and support required and received).


The Transparency Network serves as a meeting point for the coordination and synergy of transparency activities in the region, avoiding duplication and overload for the participating countries. 


I invite you to introduce yourself and leave your comments or queries regarding the Climate Transparency Network and its activities.