Let's talk about your NDC Tracking Workshop experience in Seoul, South Korea.
Jaypalsinh Chauhan
13 Sep 2023

Dear NDC Tracking Workshop Participants,

We are pleased to extend our invitation to you for the Climate Transparency Platform of the Asia Transparency Network. 


The Climate Transparency Platform, part of the CBIT GSP, serves as a comprehensive resource for transparency. It encompasses all aspects of the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement and the ongoing reporting requirements of the UNFCCC.


Let's discuss the ongoing NDC tracking workshop that is currently taking place in the beautiful city of Seoul, South Korea. As you may already know, the workshop is divided into four stages. These stages include an introductory webinar, a data collection stage, and a physical workshop where we will focus on gaining a better understanding of and practising working with CRF tables.


We would greatly appreciate hearing about your experience, including any challenges you faced, the practical exercises we conducted, any aspects of the workshop that you found particularly valuable, or any key insights you gained from the workshop as a whole.


Kind regards,



Ambika Tennakoon
13 Sep 2023
Great learning experiences from excellence resource persons. Learn more and takeaway home lot at we are in initial stage for preparation of BTR and implement CBIT project for AFOLU sector. Thank you very much to all organizers and resource personals. Thank you and best regards.
Mohamed Inaz
13 Sep 2023
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for the experience. The structured approach and peer-to-peer learning have been invaluable. Looking forward to future collaborations.
Liz Silva
13 Sep 2023
The discussions on the tools are very meaningful ang informative. The technical person in me is really biased towards the tools. Also, I learned a lot from the experiences of the fellow participants. But really the earlier exercises tested my cramming and skimming skills to learn energy sector (not an energy person).Kudos to the organizers for the exercises! Kudos again for the very successful workshop! Kamsahamnida!
Nur Hazirah binti Che Ithnin
13 Sep 2023
It was a great experience learning from various experts as well as fellow colleagues from the Asia Network. The practical exercises were immensely helpful, however, I wish we had more time to look at these exercises. Regardless, it was definitely a great experience. Thanks a lot!
Kinley Dem
13 Sep 2023
All sessions were very informative and interesting!!! Looking forwarding to applying the knowledge gained into practice.. Thanks to all the organizers, resources persons, hosts.