The Climate Transparency Platform
Sheila Kiconco

Dear Members,

Thank you for connecting to the Climate Transparency Platform!


The topic for today is to discuss the importance of a Climate Transparency Platform. 


As you can see, the current knowledge platform provides a global overview of transparency initiatives and developing country's transparency efforts, allowing users to stay up to date on the latest developments, events, and knowledge products, as well as get detailed information on any developing country, support provider and transparency projects. 

In this regard, please rate the following:

  • How convenient is the structure of the platform?
  • If you have any questions or requests for technical support, do you think you should contact your country coordinator?
  • Has your country's page been updated and does all the information reflect the latest developments in climate reporting and transparency projects that are being implemented at the national level? 
  • What do you think is missing from the platform?

Please write to us here, and we will definitely respond to requests or comments.

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great idea to use this platforme , i feel that so useful
Sheila Kiconco
Thank you for this feedback.
Hlabaki Khalala
Who has the rights to edit the content in the platform
Alejandro Regatero Labadia
Hi Hlabaki, currently both project managers and nominated country focal points are able to edit content in the Platform. If there is any content that needs to be updated or edited, feel free to let us know :)