Over 20 years of experience within government and international organizations across all regions in Africa in the area of Climate Change in Particular Vulnerability & Adaptation assessment, Resilience, NC/BUR/ETF reporting, CC Mainstreaming, GCF/GEF Proposal development, SDGs DRR & CRM/Resilience Planning, trans boundary CC resilience enhancing, spatial planning, mainstreaming of flood/drought resilience approach, capacity building, conflict resolution, vulnerability assessment, strategic and business plan development, resilience/CCA Proposal development, institutional capacity building, climate info system, MRV/EIA, monitoring and evaluation system, Climate smart agriculture, climate resilient programming, livelihood security, NDC Financing, capacity Building/ established trainer, V&A community of practice leader, CCA, Agriculture/water policy lead, NAP lead, climate change mainstreaming guru on community action planning tools with excellent experience in sharing lessons, Environmental policy and procedure, Advocacy, Awareness, Partnership management and the major funding mechanisms.