Webinar: Revising and Updating NDCs for 2020
Webinar: Revising and Updating NDCs for 2020
to America/New_York
Location: Online

The 2020 deadline for countries to share their enhanced national climate plans (called NDCs) under the Paris Agreement is rapidly approaching. These commitments must respond to scientists’ warnings to slash emissions in half over the next decade to avoid the most severe effects of climate change. Without urgent action, warming is likely to reach 1.5 degrees C by 2030. Current NDCs put global temperatures on track to rise 2.9 to 3.4 degrees C by the end of the century. Laying out a more ambitious vision and stepping up national mitigation targets for 2030 is essential to keep the Paris Agreement’s goals within reach. This webinar will present new guidance from World Resources Institute and the UN Development Programme to support countries through the process of designing a new or updated NDCs. It proposes an overarching framework that countries can adapt to suit their priorities and circumstances. And it identifies opportunities across a wide range of sectors, where countries can incorporate or strengthen targets and policies in their NDCs to drive mitigation action together with substantial economic and development benefits. The latest reporting and communication requirements from the UNFCCC will also be covered.