Webinar: Online graduate certificate in GHG management
Webinar: Online graduate certificate in GHG management
to Europe/Berlin
Location: Washington, DC

The GHG Management Institute invites you to join this free webinar on the George Washington University Graduate Certificate in Greenhouse Gas Management. In this short 30-minute webinar, Michael Gillenwater (GHG Management Institute), Rachael Jonassen (George Washington University), and Mark Trexler (The Climatographers) provide an overview of the program and explain the courses being offered this Spring. This accredited certificate program can be taken online from any location in the world. Courses can be applied towards a full Master’s Degree in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at the George Washington University. Already enrolled in a graduate program? Courses are transferable. Topics covered in the graduate certificate program include: • GHG management in the context of the challenges posed by climate change • Fundamental concepts of GHG accounting • Methods for estimating GHG emissions, with emphasis on energy-related activities • Project-level mitigation through energy efficiency and renewable energy • Mitigation policies and programs, including carbon markets • GHG management data systems and reporting • Verifying emissions and emission reductions Webinar Details: - The session will be facilitated through GoToWebinar and can be accessed using a Mac, PC or a mobile device. Agenda: - Welcome and introductions - Program overview - Faculty remarks - Q&A