Webinar: Meeting challenges of assessing 'collective' progress for the Global Stocktake
Webinar: Meeting challenges of assessing 'collective' progress for the Global Stocktake
to Europe/Berlin
Location: Online

“Meeting the challenges of assessing ‘collective’ progress  for an effective Global Stocktake"   New Climate Institute will present their latest research on what it means for the Global Stocktake to be effective and the information needed to make that happen. They will also share their ideas for how the Global Stocktake can meaningfully and effectively spur national ambition within its narrow mandate of assessing only “collective progress”. The research presentation will be followed by comments by expert discussants and a subsequent moderated question and answer session.   Agenda:   Welcome and Introduction (10 mins) Presentation (45 mins): Presenters: Lukas Hermwille (Wuppertal Institute), Anne Siemons (Oeko Institut), Louise Jeffery (NewClimate Institute) - What does the Global Stocktake need to achieve to be effective? They present an overview of the key functions that the Global Stocktake needs to fulfil and the informational requirements for those functions to be performed. - New methods and information available for assessing collective progress: The types of indicators and benchmarks that could be useful for tracking progress on mitigation will be discussed and new approaches for communicating collective information presented. - To what extent do available information and new methods allow the goals of the Global Stocktake to be met? They will briefly reflect on the strengths and limitations of the methods presented and highlight some of the outstanding challenges for the Global Stocktake.   Q&A with panel discussants (25 mins) Discussion of the analytical and political implications of the work with Leon Clarke (University of Maryland) and Milan Dehn (BMU).   Q&A with all webinar participants (30 mins)