Webinar: GACMO 2.0 – for enhanced climate action
Webinar: GACMO 2.0 – for enhanced climate action
to Europe/Copenhagen
Location: Online
GACMO CO2 tool

An upgraded version of the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Cost Model (GACMO) is now available, supporting informed decision-making on climate change – addressing the climate crisis and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This webinar will delve in to how GACMO 2.0 can provide countries with a clear understanding of the implications of their climate actions to enact meaningful change and contribute to global emissions reduction goals.

The new GACMO version introduces a more user-friendly interface with an enhanced step-by-step design, making it easier to navigate the complexities of emissions reductions and chart future emissions pathways.

Using GACMO provides valuable inputs for preparing and updating NDCs and to prepare national climate plans and long-term strategies as well as international transparency reports such as the Biennial Transparency Reports.

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  • Introduction to climate transparency and GACMO – UNEP and ICAT
  • Presentation of the new GACMO tool – UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre
  • Country experience with GACMO 2.0 – tbc
  • Q&A


The new version of GACMO has been developed with the support of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT).

Area: Climate mitigation, Climate support, Climate transparency, GHG inventory, NDC tracking, Update of national documents
Sector: Cross-cutting