Together4Transparency Kick-off Session
Together4Transparency Kick-off Session
to Asia/Dubai
Location: COP28 blue zone – meeting room 36

Organized by UNFCCC in partnership with UNDP, the event will serve as kick-off session to the Together4Transparency series of events at COP28, including high-level events and policy dialogues, mandated events and progress reports, roundtables and capacity-building opportunities, hands-on training sessions and a live Transparency Clinic. 

The event will focus on the key role of transparency of climate action and support as a means to build trust and confidence among Parties and across the global community. It will also touch upon the importance of supporting young people to ensure they have the capacity, tools and opportunities to navigate climate change information and data, advocate for greater ambition and develop professional paths in the field of climate change. 

The kick-off session will be held back-to-back with the “Transparency capacity-building session for youth”, which will be offered as a training opportunity for young delegates to foster their understanding of transparency and the ETF.

Area: Climate support, Climate transparency
Sector: Cross-cutting
Language: English
Agency: UNFCCC