Annual Meeting of the Anglophone Africa Network: Achievements and Plans for 2024
Annual Meeting of the Anglophone Africa Network: Achievements and Plans for 2024
to Africa/Nairobi

NOTE: The presentations made during the webinar are below. The recording of the workshop can be found on the UNEP-CCC YouTube channel, you can access the recording by following this link here.


In 2023, the CBIT-GSP transparency Network for Anglophone Africa enjoyed numerous capacity-building events for transparency, including regional and country-based training, learning sessions, webinars, and exchange meetings. 

Just a reflection, the Anglophone Africa Network 2023 annual work plan was initially informed by a comprehensive capacity needs assessment conducted during the project’s early stages. This plan was continually refined to align with network member countries’ evolving needs and priorities. The regional networks convene annually to review progress and plan for the ensuing year to ensure ongoing relevance and effectiveness. The yearly meeting network is crucial as it offers a collaborative forum for member countries to discuss, identify, and agree upon the network’s priorities, thereby directly influencing the annual work plan focusing on key priorities of the nations.

This year’s annual meeting will focus on learning about key results and achievements, discuss the effectiveness of the activities, how they have helped the countries to refine their reporting process under the Paris Agreement, and what lessons the countries have learned from the support provided by CBIT-GSP and in collaboration with other partner organizations. It is also essential to plan future activities, which will be implemented in 2024, and discuss the areas of support based on the current needs of the countries of Anglophone Africa. 

The year 2024 is quite important for developing the first BTRs and the countries step into the active phase of reporting on their GHG Inventory, NDC Tracking, Mitigation and Adaptation Measures, Support Needed and Received, etc. The CBIT-GSP intends to support the countries in this important process by capacitating the national experts on key reporting areas of BTR, reviewing the GHG Inventories and providing a platform for sharing best practices and lessons learned on ETF. 


The main objective of the Annual Meeting of the Anglophone Africa Network is to assess progress on implementing the 2023 workplan and present and discuss the draft workplan with proposed activities for 2024.  

The participants are expected to discuss and jointly agree on proposed network activities in 2024.  

Area: Climate transparency, Update of national documents
Region: Africa
Language: English
Agency: CBIT-GSP
Transparency Network: Anglophone Africa