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The project is aimed to strengthen the capacities to comply with the Enhanced Transparency Framework for action and support, established by Article 13 of the Paris Agreement, in line with the adopted Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines.

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Project Indicators

Indicator Target Baseline Value Source of verification
Indicator 7: % of completion of the Third Communication on Adaptation with updated assessments of climate risks oriented to identify adaptation actions and economic evaluation of losses and damages. 100 0
Indicator 8: # of BTRs reporting support received with the disaggregated information required to complete the CTF. 2 0
Indicator 9: % of NDC?s measures with information on main barriers or additional means of implementation needs. 40 0
Indicator 10: # of institutions involved in transparency issues that increase their capacities due to peer-topeer exchanges on preparation of BTRs and NDCs during the project 10 0
Indicator 11: # of progress and evaluation reports prepared and submitted to Project Board, UNDP and GEF. 12 0
Indicator 1: # of direct project beneficiaries disaggregated by gender (individual people) 150 (105 women and 45 men) 100 NA
Indicator 2: # of formalized terms of reference of the SNRCC working groups including responsibilities to comply with the ETF. 7 1
Indicator 3: % of execution of the knowledge management plan. 100 0
Indicator 4: # of categories or GHG emission sources with new or improved estimates in NGHGI reports. 8 0
Indicator 5: % of objectives and measures under the First NDC tracking system containing all the information needed to complete the corresponding CTF for measures reported in BTRs. 100
Indicator 6: % of completion of the inputs for the Third NDC. 100 0

Project Implementation


Output 1.1.1: Working group on monitoring of the NDC, strengthened,
formalized and articulating with the other working groups linked to
transparency issues created under the SNRCC.
Output 1.1.2: Face-to-face and virtual spaces to encourage the
participation in the preparation and implementation of the NDC of
different target audiences
Output 1.2.1: Knowledge management plan executed for different target audiences.
Output 1.2.2: Publication of open data on NGHGI and NDC in the Open
Data Catalog
Output 2.1.1: Assessment of the adjustments in parameters and
assessments on better activity data for the implementation of plans to
improve GHG estimates.
Output 2.2.1: Report on implementation improvements to the monitoring system of the First NDC, including the platforms for viewing the results of NGHGI and the First NDC
Output 2.2.2: Report on new features and adjustments needed to adapt the tracking system so that it is applicable to successive NDCs
Output 2.2.3: Develop, adopt and regularly update a Quality Assurance
and Control Plan (QA/QC Plan).
Output 2.4.1: Information analysis on the potential and observed impacts of climate change, updated and improved
Output 2.4.2: Assessment of improvements in monitoring, evaluation and learning of adaptation measures and processes.
Output 2.5.1: Report on the disaggregated record of support received for climate action, in the form of financing, technology development and transfer, and capacity building.
Output 2.5.2: Analysis of the main barriers and determination of needs
for the implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures conditional to specific additional means of implementation
Output 2.6.1: Specific peer-to-peer exchanges developed to share lessons learned and good experiences in the preparation of BTRs and NDCs.
Output 3.1.1: Tracking progress reports of the project outcomes that are monitored regularly
Output 3.1.2: Timely evaluations of the project to identify success, gaps or challenges in meeting the outcomes and to enable adaptive management

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