I am a Forestry Engineer with a background in forest management and greenhouse gas estimation for the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector, as well as for REDD+. I have had the opportunity to work in many great places and meet amazing people, for example in Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, the Basque Country and Mongolia. Most of my work has been with governments or the United Nations, especially with FAO and UNDP in providing technical assistance to developing countries on mitigating climate change. I am also part of the UNFCCC roster of experts and regularly conduct reviews of national GHG inventories. I possess strong quantitative skills and the ability to find new, creative ways to solve existing challenges. My long-term professional goal is to improve forest management while ensuring the integrity of forest ecosystems. I believe humans are part of nature, hence, managing forests is a way of improving livelihoods.