Emma Salisbury has nine years' experience in national and international MRV and climate change mitigation. Emma has a first class Master’s degree in Physics and is fluent in English. Emma is a UNFCCC Leader Reviewer and Expert Reviewer in IPPU and BURs. Emma is coordinating QA/QC activities for GHG and AQ review processes (ESD, NECD, NFAP, NAPCP) undertaken by all EU Member States. Emma has run many capacity building workshops in Africa, Europe and Asia bringing together a wide range of stakeholders and ensuring effective transfer of knowledge from a range of international and national experts. Emma runs interactive, engaging and informative workshops to ensure projects build upon and enhance institutional memory and expertise. Emma has developed MRV systems for countries from Africa, Europe and the Caribbean creating comprehensive MRV system IT solutions that provide flexibility and meet both international reporting needs and domestic priorities. Emma has developed GHG inventory systems for all sectors managing the data collection and validation processes. She has developed MoU templates, data collection templates, QA/QC tools and guidance to support MRV and GHG inventory teams in their effective management of the processes. Emma has provided technical expertise to EU Member States’ emission inventories for many years including Ireland and the UK using her excellent knowledge of the IPCC Guidelines to ensure transparent and accurate estimates are maintained.